About Athul

I read, think and write. First dreamed of being a scientist then an entrepreneur and now both. Founder of two companies, failed at first. Studies Applied Cognition & Neuroscience with specialization in Computational Modeling at The University of Texas at Dallas. Currently engaged in research training under Dr. Golden. Research interests include connectionism, brain imaging and philosophy of mind.

Have formal training in Neural Networks (Deep Learning), Computational Modeling, Statistical Modeling/Analysis and Intraoperative Psychological Monitoring. Holds a bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from University of Kerala (India).


What is Neuroage ?


Alvin Toffler, the famous writer and futurist, proposed that humans have been though three ages. The first being Neolithic Age, when humans decided to settled down and cultivate instead of being hunter-gatherers. Then came the age of Industrial Revolution – the rise of organization, bureaucracy and mass production and mass consumption. And then the one that we have been through lately – The Information Age, with the rise of computers and internet.

Now we are at the dawn of another era – The Neuroage, where we will transcend the natural evolution, unravelling the mysteries of our brain  that have been perplexing scientific investigators and philosophers alike, from the days of Thales and Aristotle, and thus bringing into life artificially built sentient creatures.

Blogs about my views at athulinks.com (Personal Blog).