Getting Started in Computational Neuroscience


The demand for Computational Neuroscientists have been on the rise since the inception of BRAIN Initiative and Human Connectome Project. And today getting into a graduate program is not the only means to kickstart your journey in Computational Neuroscience.  Even if your plan is to get into a graduate program, I would strongly recommend auditing the following MOOCs:

  1. Computational Neuroscience (Coursera): The most comprehensive introductory course on Computational Neuroscience available in the internet. The course starts from the basics of neurobiology and takes you all the way upto building learning algorithms.
  2. Machine Learning by Andrew Ng (Coursera): This requires no explanation. If you have used Coursera or have googled about Machine Learning, you must have came across this name at least once. Andrew Ng is the founder of Coursera and his Machine Learning course was the first one to be offered in Coursera, which is the most taken and recommended course in Coursera.
  3. Neural Network Mathematics (Coursera): Get ready to bleed. Once you complete this course, be ready to call yourself an expert of Machine Learning.
  4. Deep Learning by Google (Udacity)
  5. Principles of fMRI 1 & fMRI 2

Other resources:

  1. [Ebook] Python in Neuroscience (Frontiers in Neuroinformatics)
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